What is a perfumer and how to become one

Volatile Fiction

Twenty years ago, the perfumer was a mysterious creature; probably male, probably French and not usually wheeled out to market his creations. That wasn’t quite true, even then, but the image of the perfumer in the public consciousness has shifted considerably since those days. As have the ways in which fragrances are marketed. The Internet changed many things, including how accessible information (and mis-information) became; and how easy it has been for a whole new movement of independent perfumers to establish themseves, without the traditional structure of a fragrance house -> brand -> consumer. Now perfumer-business owners or brand owner-marketers can have direct access to the consumers, and though the doors are now open for anyone to swing through, this has also created a scenario in which everyone and their mum is calling themselves a perfumer. This has made some of those old French blokes a bit baffled, or even…

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